Are Expansion Tanks Required in New Jersey?


Are Expansion Tanks Required in New Jersey?

Most states in America require expansion tanks. And while it may not be an enforced rule in all towns and states, you most likely do need an expansion tank if you live in the state of New Jersey especially if you have a “closed” plumbing system. If your home has a closed plumbing system, some manufacturers may even nullify the warranty of your water heater if you don’t have an expansion tank.

You may be wondering what expansion tanks are. Not to worry, we will explain. If you own a car, you are aware that your car has shock absorbers and why they are important. An expansion tank in your home works like a shock absorber in your car. An expansion tank absorbs excess water pressure which in turn protects your water heater from early failure and damage.
Typically, homes have an “open” or “closed” plumbing systems. In a “closed” plumbing system, there is no chance for water to flow back into the city water lines once it gets into your home’s plumbing system. While that’s not a bad thing, if you don’t have an expansion tank, your closed plumbing system won’t give expanded water any route to escape which will cause damage to both your home’s plumbing and water heating system.

What we mean is, when water is heated in your water heater, it expands leading to an increase in its pressure in the tank vessel. If it does not have room to accommodate the thermal expansion, your water heater will burst.

Why You Need an Expansion Tank Installed

So without an expansion tank, your water heater will burst because it’s not designed to contract or expand in order to accommodate the thermal expansion. That is why it’s important to have an expansion tank installed in your home if you don’t have one already.

If you have an expansion tank installed, the excess water volume will automatically go into the tank lowering the water pressure inside your water heater to very safe levels which will protect your water heater and plumbing system from getting damaged. So, if your home has never had an expansion tank and you need to replace your water heater, you should also have your plumber install an expansion tank.

This will not just help you save money, but it will also ensure that your home’s plumbing system and water heater don’t get damaged due to the excess pressure. Today, expansion tanks have become more necessary than back in the day. In the past, whenever a thermal expansion would occur, the water extra water would be pushed back through your plumbing system and into the main city supply.

However, there are more sophisticated plumbing systems today than there were back then that use controls and other devices for comfort and efficiency. In addition, most utilities have also added check valves to the water meters. These check valves help ensure that once the city water passes your meter, there is no it can flow back to the main city supply. As such, it’s wise to invest in an expansion tank and save yourself a lot of headache in having to replace your water heater and plumbing system.

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