Plumbing Problems You Could Face As a New Homeowner


Plumbing Problems You Could Face As a New Homeowner

You bought the home of your dreams, everything is perfect as you walk into the house and you cannot wait to bring your boxes and unpack everything to start a new life. It is usual that some problems of the houses sneak out the inspections and become larger and a real headache once you have moved in, the plumbing problems do not escape this reality and can be something minor like a leaking faucet to something as big that you have to dismantle and replace the whole plumbing system and cost you thousands of dollars. In this article we enumerate and explain briefly different plumber problems for the new homeowner.

Minor Issues

The solution for this problems is pretty simple and inexpensive, however it is always convenient the homeowner is aware of them and fix them as soon as possible because they can lead to something major and cause extensive damage.

1. Leaky Faucets: usually people when moving into a new house changes the faucets for aesthetic reasons, the severity of the problem can depend on how long the faucets have been dripping and the valve seat can need to be changed. It is important to solve this problem soon because the constant dripping could waste several liters of water and be noticeable in your bill.

2. Toilet Problems: it is very common to find the toilet is clogged or that it is constantly running. The toilet clogs can be solved simply with a plunge, if it does not work there could be the need of professional help to clear the drain. To control the pass of water from the tank to the bowl, toilets have a flapper valve that, if it is damaged can be the reason of the toilet running and needs to be replaced.

3. Drain Problems: Drain cleaning is something minor but it is always very annoying, always check the water traps to see if they are blocked if that is the problem you can just clean it or replace it depending how bad the block is. Another source of the problem can be the drain pop up plug can have some debris that needs to be emptied.  Other potential issues include garbage disposal repairs, which are needed when excess garbage gets caught in the disposal drain.

4. Lack of Water Pressure in the Shower: another common bathroom repair, this is commonly caused by mineral accumulations in the shower head, the solution is as simple as removing the shower head and cleaning the interior, or if you prefer you can change the shower but it is often unnecessary.

Major Issues

The following are true plumbing nightmares that can cost a lot of money not only solving the problem itself but also fixing collateral damage, need construction permissions and they can only be solved by professionals.

1. Main Valve Issues: this often affects the flow of water in the house because they usually become clogged with minerals, to replace them it is necessary calling a professional that shut off the exterior water and safely replace the valve.

2. Pipe Leaks: this is so far in terms of severity from a leaking faucet, if the pipe leaks are not fixed soon it can damage the insulation, the walls and even the structure of the house and DIY is not an option.

3. Water Heater Repairs: the range of problems may vary from leaks of hot water to having a heater that is too small for your house needs, in any case the repairs are expensive and require the upgrade and replacement of the water heater.

4. Corroded Pipes: this is a silent problem because most of people do not realize of the problem since you do not see the pipes and the ache comes when the pipes are completely ruined. You will necessarily call a plumber to replace the pipes.

5. Tree Roots: sometimes the tree roots can cause blocks, leaks or break the pipes, you will need to remove the root and maybe replace the pipe.  We offer solutions to this issue with our sewer line treatment services.

6. Sewer Pipes Problems: this is maybe the most disastrous scenario, because there is nothing more disgusting that the smell of the waste, you will need to fix the leaks or in the worst case scenario dismantle and replace the whole piping.

7. Finally there is the issue of gas line repair. It is crucial that a professional take care of this issue, as it can be very dangerous for an untrained person to deal with gas lines. Be sure to call a licensed contractor, and if you smell gas, call the utility company or 911.

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